The Abolitionist Round Table ALL ACCESS TALK RADIO  was broadcasted "LIVE" on 4/16/2016 onWAAMTALK1600 at 7am EST. The Roundtable has become one of America's fastest growing Saturday morning conservative radio programs with your hosts Del Marsh, Phil Stargell & Mayor Janice Daniels. The theme for this year is "The 2016 black Conservative Revolution start here" The year to Break Out.

First half of the Roundtable discussion Question: Would the real Donald Trump please stand up?


1. Trump called the system rigged.
a. Lying Ted
2. Where is that Trump from the TV show "Apprentice"?
3. Cold greeting for Cruz at GOP gala


Trump called the party's delegate selection rules "rigged" on Monday after Ted Cruz won all of Colorado's
'Lyin' Ted Holds The Bible Up High Then Puts It Down & Starts Lying'
The Celebrity Apprentice


Second half of the discussion at 7:35am EST Question: Life is not fair, build value in yourself and you can make more money. 


1. Bernie Earned Less in Year than Hillary Made in Single Speech
2. At The Vatican, Sanders Call For A “ Moral Economy”
3. Sanders rally fills NYC's Washington Square Park

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