The Abolitionist Round Table ALL ACCESS TALK RADIO  was broadcasted "LIVE" on 4/23/2016 onWAAMTALK1600 at 7am EST. The Roundtable has become one of America's fastest growing Saturday morning conservative radio programs with your hosts Del Marsh, Phil Stargell & Mayor Janice Daniels. The theme for this year is "The 2016 black Conservative Revolution start here" The year to Break Out.
First half of the Roundtable discussion: Mayor Daniels and Phil Stargell interviewed Mr. William Been, author of The Masters of Audacity and Deceit, which is a study of the power players and events that led to the housing crisis of 2007 and the eventual unfortunate election of Barack Hussein Obama as the President of the United States.

Second half of the Roundtable discussion at 7:35 am ESTMayor Daniels started to look at the context of the verse of the Koran that tells its followers that those who insult Allah must be killed, to see if there is a kinder, gentler Koran - THERE IS NOT and then the show finished up with an interview of former Representative Curtis Bowers from Idaho, who has directed and produced Agenda 2; The Masters of Deceit, the second in a series of movies that detail the left's long term plan to destroy Western Civilization.

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