The Abolitionist Round Table ALL ACCESS TALK RADIO  was broadcasted "LIVE" on 6/4/2016 onWAAMTALK1600 at 7am EST. The Roundtable has become one of America's fastest growing Saturdaymorning conservative radio programs with your hosts Del Marsh, Phil Stargell & Mayor Janice Daniels.The theme for this year is "The 2016 black Conservative Revolution start here" The year to Break Out.

First half of the Roundtable discussion Queston: Are we living in The Twilight Zone?  

1. Detroit teen whose body was found 'had a huge heart'

Second half of the Roundtable discussion at 7:35 am EST Question: Are we living in The Twilight Zone 

1. Frank Luntz talks to Muslim Focus Group 

a. She said that her children were not allowed to watch the hate and racism from Donald Trump about their religion.

b. Sound bite #304    4:35- 5:15 seconds

Frank Luntz talks to Muslim Focus Group
a. Muslim woman: Why are you asking us the question you need to ask white America? 
b. Muslim-Americans discuss attitudes toward Israel

2. Memorial Day weekend closes with 69 shot in Chicago, many of them on West side    

While the number of shootings was up from last year, the number of deaths was down. Last year, 12 people were killed and 44 wounded over the holiday weekend. This weekend, 13 more people were shot, but six fewer people were killed.

3. It must stop now: The media can’t allow Trump to make this election about Bill Clinton  

4. Barbaric Islamic Group ISIS Kills 25 Iraqi Prisoners by Lowering Them Into Vat of Acid

5.Hundreds of Pro-Life Pastors Seek Political Offices to Fight the Culture of Death



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