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First part of the show Topic: If Black Lives Really Matter, why do we have 60 million aborted children and over 40% black?
1. Is the Black Lives Matter Org. really just another technique in Obamas brain washing operation to keep Americans angry with each other to set up a possible race war? and maybe declare martial law. 
(There is evidence that a division of the Justice Department The-------- is working hard with groups like B.L.M. and others to take Constitutional Rights to keep and bear firearms from law Abiding Americans (Pres. Obama has already taken part of The American Peoples right to freely vote by stacking precints with illegals to nullify  American Citizens votes) Pres. Obama should be impeached and removed from office and he probably would have been if Rep. Lawmakers were not so afraid of being called racists. STAND UP REPS. AND STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER and save our CONSTITUTION and our country.  

2. If Donald Trump is elected, after 8 years of Obama dividing the races will it make America ungovernable, because in my opinion Obama is fulfilling L.B.J.’s dream of having those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years by ignoring and shredding The Constitution and violating his oath of office by moving past Socialism and speeding towards Communism (The treatment of Leslie Jones of Sat. Night Live is the latest outrage by (my Opinion ) progressive millennials.  

3. Stats for “so-called” African Americans are really bad but it makes no difference whenever a White Cop has to use deadly force it is not to defend himself it is because he hates minorities and cannot wait to take the life on as many as he can get away with.

4. Black author and political commentator Mychal Massie says black lives don’t matter, to blacks. In his video “Just How Much Do Black Lives Matter?” he states: From 1882 to 1968, 3,446 blacks were lynched. But from 1973 until the present time, a period of 42 years, 17.3 million black babies were aborted. Why don’t we hear about this information? Are white police officer responsible for these babies death? No, with nearly 17.3 million black babies to 45 percent of the black population today. Do black lives really matter? Massie has a unique take on U.S. race relations. He objects strenuously to being singled out by race. “Words like ‘black community’ and being called a ‘minority’ are insults to me,” he told AIM in an interview. “I am an American. How can I be a minority if there are 300 million of me? That is segregation speech. It identifies black people as ‘different.’ People don’t think about these things until you mention them.” 

Second half of show TopicIf Black Lives Really Matter, why do we have 60 million aborted children and over 40% black? 
1. Hillary Clinton calls for taxpayer-funded abortions

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