Del Marsh, Phil Stargell and Mayor Janice Daniels begin the show discussing an article from the Detroit News about Obama's Next Target-the suburbs.

 On July 25, 2015 the Abolitionist Round Table of Michigan was broadcasted live on WAAM Talk 1600 Southeast Michigan's Conservative Powerhouse, Bringing News, commentary from a black conservative perspective and Champion women causes.
 Started the show with a commentary on an article by Noland Finley from the Detroit News "Obama’s Next Target The Suburbs". Listen to Segment 1 part 1 of the show.

Segment 1 part 2 is about: 
Obama play’s Congress and went to the UN (International Community) seeking approval on Iran Deal.
Guest Steve Gendregske spokesperson at  40 Days For Life Ann Arbor, gives a comment on Planned Parenthood video.

Segment 2 part 2 is a discussion on Democrat Presidential candidate and Former Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley believe that Climate Change gave rise to ISIS.

 Pentagon tell Recruiters not to wear Uniforms and closed blinds for protection. Scott Desjarlais (R-TN) want to reply and protection officer. Play video vis Fox News