Phil-StargellFillippo (Phil) Stargell officially joined Reverend Levon Yuille's Abolitionist Roundtable as on air commentator on the fourth of January 2010 alongside co-host LaVonne Yuille-Maxwell and Del Marsh. A retired construction worker, after a career spanning more than 40 years working on such diverse projects as the building of the Renaissance Center to the demolition of the JL Hudson building.

His conservative philosophy was developed the hard way working as a laborer in the Michigan trade unions who loyalty almost always was to the Democrat party, where group thinking was the norm and independent thinking is discouraged never the less he developed the entrepreneur spirit to own his own business. I celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss to wife, best friend and business partner Mary in December 2009, parents to six successful and happy adult children & 14 grandchildren. Teamed with my wife Mary we developed Star Cleaning and Maintenance L.L.C; a twenty year successful business until the recent recession made it necessary to take business in a new direction.

The new direction allows for a double commitment to tell all who will listen the two things I believe will make for a better America (1) If America is to continue her role as the leader of the free world, The American people must have a change of heart which will bring about an end to how abortion is promoted and practiced in the United States today (2) Conservatism, free markets and the commitment to the rule of Constitutional law are the cornerstone of the foundation that makes America exceptional.

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