By Clash Daily / 25 February 2013

Black conservative leaders discuss the reason the NRA was founded and how gun control is an effort to control people.  See the video >>>

Feb. 23, 2013 8:50am Mike Opelka


The list of companies that have stopped selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies in states that are restricting the Second Amendment has more than doubled since Wednesday and is more than five times larger than just one week ago. There are 44 companies on our list, with more being added as we receive notification. Here are the additions since Wednesday:  Read more>>>

By Rachel Rose Hartman, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – 16 hrs ago


White House spokesman Jay Carney on Monday answered growing questions about whether big donors to President Barack Obama's nonprofit Organizing for America (OFA) are being promised access to the president.   Read more>>>

As lawmakers and President Obama haggle over a sequester deal in Washington this week, people are nervous about more than $1 trillion in budget cuts and how they will affect jobs and the economy.

The White House ratcheted up the pressure on Sunday by releasing numbers on how the across-the-board budget cuts would hurt each state and the District of Columbia. Then, several GOP governors jumped into the battle, voicing concerns about disappearing federal funds to states. Republicans are also nervous about how the cuts will affect the military and defense preparedness.

At the same time, accusations were flying around Capitol Hill that one party or another was stalling a deal on the budget cuts, to make a point or to extract some longer-term concession in budget negotiations.

Here’s what you need to know about the sequester, including some online resources if you want to become a “policy wonk” and start crunching some numbers:   Read more and see video>>>

By Ed O’Keefe, Published: February 23

A bipartisan group of senators is on the verge of a deal that would expand background checks to all private firearms sales with limited exemptions, but significant disagreements remain on the issue of keeping records of private gun sales, according to aides familiar with the talks.

An agreement would be a bold first step toward consideration of legislation to limit gun violence in the wake of the mass shootings at a Connecticut elementary school in December and comes as the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected this week to begin considering new proposals to limit gun violence.

The New Jersey governor has fallen out of favor with some conservatives in recent months.   Read more>>>