By Mark Hensch and Jonathan Easley

A woman who publicly accused former President Clinton of raping her in 1978 is resurrecting her claims on social media.

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me,” Juanita Broaddrick tweeted Wednesday. 

“Hillary tried to silence me,” she wrote of Bill Clinton’s wife, who is the current Democratic presidential front-runner in the 2016 race. “I am now 73…it never goes away.”

The Hill reached a woman by phone in Van Buren, Ark., on Wednesday who identified herself as Broaddrick. She said the Twitter account is hers.

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"Is that a question you want to answer or would you rather not?”

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night was unable - or unwilling - to explain the difference between Democrats and socialists.

“Uh, you’d have to ask… I am not one,” Clinton said after Hardball host Chris Matthews asked the Democrat frontrunner whether or not she identified as a socialist.

Before Clinton could even muster the words, Matthews threw her a life preserver, saying, “I’d say you’re a pretty typical Democrat…but is that a question you want to answer or would you rather not?”

“I can tell you what I am,” Clinton evaded. “I’m a progressive Democrat."

"How is that different from a socialist?" Matthews pressed.

"I’m a progressive Democrat," she said again, "who likes to get things done, and who believes that we are better off in this country when we’re trying to solve problems together, getting people to work together. There will always be strong feelings and I respect that, from the far right, the far left, the libertarians, whoever it might be. We’ve got to get people working together, we’ve got to get the economy fixed, we’ve got to get all our problems really tackled.”

Even Matthews seemed dissatisfied with Clinton's weak response. Only in 2015 would a presidential frontrunner not leap at the chance to clarify that he or she is not a socialist .

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The Radical-in-Chief ignores the Constitution and the Jihadist threat.


Wiping away tears that eluded him when he spoke about the jihadist massacres in Paris and San Bernardino, President Obama condemned congressional inaction in the face of gun violence during remarks he delivered from the East Room of the White House on Tuesday morning.  The president vowed to fill in the void through executive action. The most egregious of these measures is a wholesale re-writing of the definition of what constitutes a “seller” in order to extend the reach of federal government control over all gun owners. Obama listed this as his top priority action, ahead of what he described as “smart and effective enforcement of gun safety laws that are already on the books.”

Enforcing the laws already on the books is the responsibility of the executive branch. Making new laws or changing existing laws is the responsibility of the legislative branch.


By Detroit Free Press (MI)

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has a message for Gov. Rick Snyder: You're wrong to pull back the welcome mat for Syrian refugees -- wrong legally and morally.

Jesse Jackson

In September, Snyder told reporters he was exploring steps to welcoming Syrian refugees to Michigan. But earlier this month, after deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, Snyder announced he was suspending those efforts and that the state would not accept Syrian refugees until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reviewed its procedures. More than a dozen other governors have made similar statements.

Jackson, speaking at a town hall meeting tonight in Dearborn, said a states rights argument doesn't trump efforts by the Obama administration to settle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees.

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Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina speaks at the Iowa GOP's Growth and Opportunity Party at the Iowa state fair grounds in Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina dismissed the idea that climate change was a major security threat Sunday, a dismissal that ignores warnings from top security experts.

“It is delusional for President Obama and Hillary Clinton and anyone else to say that climate change is our near-term most severe security threat,” she told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. “It is ISIS, period, followed closely by Iran and perhaps Russia.”

Obama has spoken about the security threats posed by climate change before — in May, he said climate change “constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country.” But Obama’s statements aren’t empty warnings — they’re backed up by military and security experts. Last year, the Pentagon released a report that called climate change a “threat multiplier” whose impacts have the ability to “intensify the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty, and conflict.”

“Climate change will affect the Department of Defense’s ability to defend the nation and poses immediate risks to U.S. national security,” the report reads. “Weather has always affected military operations, and as the climate changes, the way we execute operations may be altered or constrained.”

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